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Use this powerful exercise to sleep more peacefully

Visualizing my future has helped me in all parts of my life, especially in my business. When I was first starting out, I would visualize myself with a thriving business, being busy writing blog posts and emails that would inspire people, talking to interested clients and being on calls with clients. I realized a year or two later that my visualizations had come true! Now, I still visualize at the end of my meditation every morning of what I want my days and business to look like in the future. I imagine helping even more people and the things I want to do to accomplish that. It’s so powerful!

To improve your sleep faster, it can help to start becoming the person who sleeps well. You want to imagine your future self who has no problem with sleep.

What do you think?

What do you feel?

What do you do?

Good sleepers barely think about sleep until it’s time to go to bed. They don’t worry about sleep during the day. They don’t talk to their friends and family about sleep. They don’t worry that a poor night of sleep will ruin their next day.

I know this can be hard to imagine if you’ve struggled to sleep for a long time. You’re used to thinking about it, worrying about it, talking about it, researching about it. It will help to stop doing these things now, even if your sleep hasn’t improved yet.

To change your sleep, you have to become the person who sleeps well. You have to start thinking and feeling and acting like a good sleeper.

What does that look like for you?

What will you do differently when you’re sleeping well and have more energy?

  • Meditate first thing in the morning?

  • Go out with friends at night and not worry about how late you’re out?

  • Read a book before bed?

  • Volunteer every week?

How do you interact with strangers and your loved ones?

How do you get dressed in the morning?

Take the time to journal your answers to these questions. Even better, take 5 minutes each day to visualize yourself sleeping well, waking up rested, and going throughout your day as the person who sleeps well.

And then, start doing those things now. This tells your brain that you want to sleep so that you can do these things. Start becoming the person who is a good sleeper ahead of time. Reality will catch up.

Visualizing being a better sleeper is powerful. But it won't be enough if you have underlying imbalances in your body that are keeping you awake.

You won’t sleep better if you only address the mental part. Or if you only address the physical part. The other part will continue to sabotage your sleep.

This is why the Complete Sleep Solution is a body and mind program.

You need to look at both at the same time to truly sleep better long-term.

This is what we can help you with, and we’d love to help you!

Schedule a free consultation so we can meet other and confirm that the program will help you achieve your sleep and health goals.

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