Get your health and sleep back so you wake up feeling rested,

have energy all day for work and family,

and motivation to achieve your goals.


 You know that sleep is critical for health and longevity. You've done your research and you already know a heck of a lot about sleep. And yet the books, the supplements and even your doctor don't have the solution to your sleep problem, and it sucks.

I get it.

Insomnia is a sign that you body is out of whack! You can't be completely healthy and not be able to sleep. There's something physically causing you to be awake at night.


It could be:

  • hormone imbalance

  • a gut infection

  • a congested liver

  • blood sugar roller coaster

  • food sensitivities

  • chronic mental stress

I’m Martha Lewis, AKA the sleep detective,

and I find what's waking you up at night so you can get great sleep!

Functional lab tests let me dive deep into your body to find the hidden physical causes of your insomnia. No more guessing. 

I also address your mind's role in insomnia by using cutting edge stress management techniques and helping you change your thoughts and anxiety about sleep.


This program is for you if:

  • You’ve almost lost hope because you’ve been struggling for so long but you’re determined to figure it out.

  • You've tried everything else and nothing has worked: supplements, diet changes, exercise, cbt-i, essential oils, a new mattress, sleep trackers, sleeping pills...

  • You will do whatever it takes to get better, even if it means changing your diet, habits and lifestyle.

  • You appreciate the science of functional lab testing that will show exactly what’s causing your insomnia.

  • You want a customized, alternative solution that gets to the root the problem so you don't have to take meds for the rest of your life.

  • You value your health and are ready to invest so you can sleep well and live a long, happy and healthy life.

Here's how I help



The Complete Sleep Solution includes:


4 lab tests you take from home with my guidance to find out exactly what's going on in your body and why you can't sleep.

6 sessions where we dive into your test results and proven and tested stress resilience techniques because you will keep being stuck if you only look at one of the two sleep saboteurs (body or mind) and not the other.

4 months of support and access to me. It takes about a month to get your results back from the labs. Then I give you a 3 month plan to get your body back in balance and improve your sleep.

A personalized protocol of natural supplement recommendations to get your body ... and sleep .. back in balance.

Optional Bonus: my Sleep Essentials program

Your sleep and your health back … forever!

Investment: $4000 or 3 payments of $1500


If you're looking for a natural and permanent solution that rebuilds your health to improve your sleep, you're in the right place!


Let’s see if you're a good fit!


The first step is to book a complimentary call to talk about what's going on with your sleep, what you'd like your sleep to be like and how I can help you find the root cause of your insomnia and fix it for good. I can't wait to see you sleeping and feeling better!

Today I can proudly say 'The results from Martha’s help have truly turned my life around.'

Martha’s knowledge on testing and then applying it to the proper supplements is worth its weight in Gold!


-David Frank


The 4 labs in the

Complete Sleep Solution program


1. DUTCH The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) test is a comprehensive hormone test using dried urine that shows what’s going on with your cortisol, DHEA and sex hormones. High cortisol at night and sex hormone imbalance can cause sleep issues so this test is critical for anyone suffering with sleep issues. Your results also show how well your body is handling stress.

2. The GI Map is a stool test that tells me what's living in our gut: the good, the bad and the pathogenic. Every single one of my clients has some sort of overgrowth in the gut and this is a key cause of insomnia since those creatures are nocturnal. This test also gives clues about your digestion, detoxification, immune system and more.

3. Food sensitivity testing shows what foods are causing inflammation in your body and sabotaging your sleep. 

4. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Knowing your mineral balance and deficiencies is key to getting your whole body back in balance so you can sleep well. It also shows how your adrenals, thyroid, blood sugar and nervous system are functioning. 

How it works

1. Schedule your free Sleep Breakthrough call. We'll talk about your sleep and how we can find what's causing your insomnia so you can begin your journey to better sleep!

2. Make it official. Sign the contract and pay the invoice so we can get started!

3. Do the lab tests. I'll send the lab tests to you. You do them at home with my guidance and send them back to the lab. In about 2 weeks I'll get the results and find out why you can't sleep so I know exactly what to recommend.

4. Complete the prep work. I'll send you an intake form so I know your health and medical history, habits and thoughts about sleep. You'll also fill out a simple food and beverage log for a week so I know your current diet and what changes to recommend.

5. Get your sleep plan.  We'll have 6 sessions in 3 months. For the first 3 sessions, we'll spend an hour going over your test results. I'll give you recommendations for diet, exercise, stress and supplements to rebalance your body so you can get the sleep you need. The final 3 sessions are 30-60 minutes to talk about how you're doing, refine the recommendations if necessary and focus on any mental stress and anxiety that is contributing to your insomnia.

6. See your health and your sleep improve!