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How I Got my Sleep Back

I used to have trouble sleeping, just like you. It would take me forever to fall asleep. And I would wake up at 3 or 4am and not fall back asleep until 6. I was exhausted most days.

I tried everything, just like you. Every supplement and gadget out there. (I didn’t try sleeping pills because I’m against meds unless absolutely necessary.) I was frustrated as hell because nothing worked.

I finally found out the answer. I did lab testing that showed that I had hormone imbalance, food sensitivities and a parasite that were causing my sleep issues. I learned how to rebalance my hormones, get rid of the parasite and heal my gut naturally so that I can sleep normally.

Now I sleep great most nights. Sometimes I sleep on the couch because our bedroom upstairs is too hot. No big deal. Sometimes I have an off night. I don’t worry about it because I know that it happens every once in a while. My sleep isn’t perfect (because no one’s is). But it’s pretty damn good most of the time and I feel rested most days so I’m stoked.

And I still watch Netflix before bed most nights.

I already had a passion for health and nutrition that led me to learn about functional lab testing.

Now this is what I help my clients with. Because they don’t have time to become a health expert. They’re busy pursuing their passions, whether it’s helping people manage their money, designing homes, raising their children, or enjoying retirement.

You can sleep well, too.

I created my program, the Complete Sleep Solution, to uncover what’s causing your insomnia and give you a simple plan to fix it in just 4 months. In my program, you’ll:

  • fall asleep faster

  • fall back asleep easily in the middle of the night (or stop waking up at all!)

  • wake up feeling rested

  • stop worrying about sleep

Book a call with me to find out how I can help you sleep better soon. Because life is better when you're sleeping well and feeling great!

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