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How Andrey went from not sleeping to feeling like superman!

My client Andrey was only sleeping 2-3 hours some nights and he was feeling tired, anxious, and depressed when we started working together. He also had indigestion and aches and pains.

The functional tests showed that he had high cortisol at night, mineral imbalance, and bacterial overgrowth. I also suspected mold toxicity because of his various symptoms and this turned out to be the culprit!

I recommended supplements to support gut health, liver function and mineral balance as well as a binder for mold.

Within a month he started sleeping better!

For the past 6 weeks, he’s feeling better than he ever has before!

He emailed me, “I actually feel much much better, more energy, more happier, its kinda weird actually, I always feel like listening to music lately, it just calls to me, gives me energy and improves my mood, I even find myself dancing at random times especially in the morning when I'm getting ready to work! :), never felt this way before!”

You can listen to more of his story on the latest episode of The Insomnia Fix podcast.

You can sleep well again, too! There are imbalances in your body that are keeping you from sleeping normally. All you have to do is find what’s out of balance and follow a plan to get back in balance. This is what I can help you with. Book a consultation to get started so you can sleep better soon.

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