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3 reasons why insomnia is so hard to overcome

So often clients come to me flustered and frustrated! Why is insomnia so hard to overcome?!

I get it. I wish there was a simple solution or quick fix I could offer you. But there just isn’t, and here’s why.

1.What causes insomnia is different for everyone.

It would be much simpler if there was a single shared cause, one problem to fix, but it just isn’t the case. This means we need to tackle insomnia one person at a time. I wish there was something that would help everyone, but it’s not possible because what causes one person’s sleep issues is different from what causes someone else’s.

Let’s just compare a few of my clients for example:

For Debbie, gut health (pathogens, bacterial overgrowth) was the main cause of her insomnia.

For Peter it was blood sugar.

For Cari it was copper toxicity.

And Emily had serious hormone imbalances, estrogen dominance and cortisol spikes.

My client Jesse’s insomnia was caused by food sensitivities.

Maura’s was primarily caused by mold.

People can’t sleep for so many different reasons!

This is why we do 4 lab tests; we can’t assume anything is the same for everyone. Even though all of my clients have some gut health issues, for some of them it’s 90% of the problem and for others it’s only 20%. This is why practitioners who only look at one issue such as gut health or hormones won’t be able to solve everyone’s sleep problems.

Which leads to the next reason why tackling insomnia is so hard…

2.There’s always more than one reason for your sleep issues.

Even though Debbie had such intense gut issues, she also had heavy metals.

Peter’s blood sugar issues came with gut pathogens.

Cari also had hormone imbalance.

Emily also had gut issues and heavy metals.

By the time you have a symptom such as insomnia, there are always other imbalances present in the body. ANd you have to address all of the imbalances to get better.

Everything in our body is interconnected. Western medicine has become so specialized that it has forgotten this fact. We can’t solve big problems (like insomnia) by looking at issues in isolation. Our systems are dependent on the functioning of other systems in the body.

For example: A parasite cleanse might clear you of your parasites, but it could put extra burden on your liver and negatively impact your gut. So without supporting these systems too, clearing the body of parasites could make things worse for you.

We have to keep looking at the big picture.

For me I had a parasite, copper toxicity, hormone imbalance, and gut health issues. Once I addressed all of those things my body really began to heal and I began to sleep. One supplement won’t work to support all of it.

Once we address the physical imbalances, there is another reason insomnia is so hard to fix…

3. Insomnia is both a mental and physical issue.

Some people will tell me “ I don’t stress about sleep.” However, once we start talking I see how they’re holding onto a lot of negative thought patterns about their sleep.

I had a client who was doing so well and saying really positive things about her sleep. Then one bad night of sleep completely threw her off and she mentally spiraled back into bad sleep and returned to using sleeping pills.

So you have to make sure you’re addressing the mental component of how insomnia gets in your head.

Mental stress such as being in unhappy relationships or working too much, for example, also affect your sleep. Learning how to better manage or eliminate certain stressors is critical as well.

Alternatively, cognitive behavioral therapy won’t fix the unaddressed physical problems.

We have to look at both the body and the mind.

At the Complete Sleep Solution we look at everything that could be keeping you awake. This is why we run four lab tests instead of just one. We need to look at all of the things and leave no stone unturned. We also help you reduce stress and heal your thoughts and beliefs around sleep so your mind doesn’t sabotage your sleep

If you’re ready to solve your sleep issues so you can sleep better once and for all, schedule your consultation to get started today!

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