Martha Lewis sleep consulting



for people like you

who want to sleep but can't

You want to feel refreshed and full of energy when you wake up.


You want to get rid of your anxiety and constant thoughts about sleep.

You want to sleep well so you can be as healthy as possible. 


You want to be productive, creative and motivated.

You want to be loving and patient with those you love most.

You want to get to the bottom of what's causing your insomnia and fix it for good.

You just want to sleep like a normal person.

I hear you!

You don’t have to live with insomnia any longer!

I can help you rebuild your health and improve your sleep

using the science of lab testing and alternative therapies

that address both the body and the mind!


Through a series of lab tests, through metrics and analysis,

Martha was able to hone in on the source of my restlessness and lack of proper sleep.


A month in, I started to sleep much better.

Thank you Martha!

-J. Singh, owner Chaatrik Design

Are you ready to finally get a good night's sleep every night-

and wake up rested and raring to go every morning?

Been struggling to sleep for years

...or even decades?

If you're haven't been able to sleep since forever, you're not crazy (although you may feel like it!). This handy checklist will give you some surprising clues about what's causing your insomnia.

What's causing your insomnia checklist (

What's Causing Your Insomnia? A simple checklist. 

I believe that your body is keeping you awake at night. Is it your hormones, liver, gut health, blood sugar, digestion? Use this checklist to find out what could be causing your insomnia.

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