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Free Workshop
How To Sleep Better This Holiday Season

If your sleep gets worse during the holidays (or is bad all the time!), you want to join me for an interactive workshop on Dec. 6th at 1pm ET:


It’s going to be transformational! 


I’m going to walk you through:

  • what sabotages your sleep during the holidays (and how to not let this happen)

  • how to handle stress better so it doesn’t wreck your sleep

  • exactly what changes you need to make to sleep better AND how to deal with the mind drama about making those changes

  • how to hack your brain so that what you eat and drink doesn’t affect your sleep

  • how to overcome your insomnia for good so you can sleep great all the time

Date: Tuesday, December 4th

Time: 11am-noon MST

Where: Zoom

Investment: free


Register below to join live and

get the replay emailed to you. 

After this workshop:

  • you’ll know how to deal with the added stress of the holidays that sabotages your sleep.

  • you’ll sleep and feel better this holiday season. 

  • you’ll enjoy the holidays more.

  • you’ll start the new year with better sleep and health!

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