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"The sleep is really improving. Perhaps equally important is that my body is just feeling more healthy. I am definitely tired at night when it's time to go to bed. I fall asleep relatively quickly...Keep in mind, this is without any pharmaceuticals. This is all an improvement over where I was, so I am focusing now on the gain rather than on the gap."

-David Daniel, spiritual fitness coach & entrepreneur

"In 2 months I weaned off Trazadone. On average sleeping 7-8 hours a night and feeling a lot better. 

I loved having a plan, knowing we're going to work together, slowly add supplements, then slowly take them away. I appreciated having support and being able to email you. Having someone in my court. I wasn't in this alone. And it doesn't take the whole time (6 months)."

-Maura Lugo, teacher

"I am sleeping much better. Normally 10:45 pm to around 7 am. I wake up rested and relaxed but not overwhelmed with energy as if I had a really deep, restful sleep.

I seem to have licked the insulin resistance problem. My A1c at a recent checkup with my doctor was “excellent”...he was so impressed he sent me a card in the mail saying he was very impressed with my progress.

I have been feeling really good and sleeping really well."

-Peter Ward, scientist

"I've been doing well overall. I had about a 4-5 week stretch where I slept well nearly every night. The prior 4-5 weeks were unlike anything I've experienced in a long time!"

-Andrew Johnson, attorney

“I actually feel much much better, more energy, more happier, I always feel like listening to music lately, it just calls to me, gives me energy and improves my mood, I even find myself dancing at random times especially in the morning when I'm getting ready to work! :), never felt this way before!”

-Andrey Shamahlov, nurse

"Martha has been my sleep coach for 8 months now and is absolutely brilliant at what she does. Her process is advanced, methodical and customized, and she really cares and listens and integrates overall health and wellness. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I'm grateful to be her client!"

-Jesse Panama, business coach & entrepreneur

“​​The content you send out each week is phenomenal and I've never experienced a more comprehensive sleep program that addresses every underlying issue that could be causing sleep programs. I tried the best I could to implement most of the information you provided, as well as changing my eating habits and taking the supplements.

Now that it has been six months, I do find my anxiety around sleep is much better, I am almost off of my Unisom…I feel lighter and more vibrant with the food I'm eating.”

When I asked her what made the biggest difference, she wrote:

“One major thing is getting my blood sugar under control and not having me wake up at 3am every night b/c I'm hungry…The pregnenolone I think has helped with the night sweats and lighter bleeding during my periods. The 5HTP in the morning has really helped with melatonin at night. I do believe my gut has struggled so all of the gut supplements and lastly surrendering to the process and getting help! I guess I can't say it's one thing.

-Susan Cannone

"I just realized that I’m sleeping better and completely forgot about “stressing out before bed. 

I finally made it past my 2:30am wake-up!  I’m making it till 4:30/5:30.  And even if I get up for bathroom, I’m able to fall back asleep.  I’m not experiencing that “tossing and turning” all night!!!


So all in all, It’s getting better.  I used to drag in the afternoon.  I’m not experiencing that fatigue anymore."

-Leslie Giammanco

"Things are going great. Getting to bed and falling asleep within 30 minutes now. Love it!!!"

-Emily Infanger, property manager

"Right from the start your program helped me to sleep. When I contacted you I had been going 5-7 days without sleeping and my entire body was failing because of it. There seemed to be no hope, no prescription, no "cure". I am constantly referring to others to the immediate success I had working with you and how the lab tests legitimately found the imbalances in my body which were causing my sleep issues so I was able to keep improving. I am just so grateful to have started your program and will be able to use what I learned as a stepping stone to continue to keep up my health."

-Emily Bloespflug, artist

"I returned from my trip to Ireland yesterday. I was so nervous about sleeping in various hotels in a  different time zone. I did great and slept really well. Each night I slept between 7-8 hours. My anxiety about sleep is so much better."

-Maura Lugo, teacher

"I slept 9 hours last night!!!!!

First time in years that I didn’t have extreme irritability 2 days prior to period!!! I was in a great mood!  Thank you!!!"

-Sherry Gengler, stay at home mom

 “Things are going great. Still sleeping without Ambien so I’m doing well! Thank you….goal achieved!”

- Amy Moore, non-profit executive director

"I've been sleeping 7.5 hours plus, not needing a nap, generally clear headed and working efficiently. I woke up from the deepest sleep I can remember in many years. 

Recently he traveled and wrote, "I slept well all nights and had no problems being awake and alert throughout the days. This is a huge change from 6 months ago."

- Peter Ward, scientist

"The Complete Sleep Solution has truly been life changing. That isn't just a cliche statement for a testimonial. It is just the truth.


My life can be divided into Pre-Martha, and Post-Martha. Before I met with Martha, I was waking up exhausted every single day and sluggishly fighting through each day feeling like I had no energy, no clarity and no creativity. As an Architect, I need each of those three things to succeed. From a cognitive abilities perspective, I really need to tap into peak level performance every single day, and I simply wasn't functioning properly. I started losing confidence in my creative abilities, my self worth, and really went down a dark path. I tried hiding it from my family, but the self-loathing just oozes out and makes life miserable.


I figured that sleep was a part of the problem, but I wasn't sure if it was my bed, my pillow, my schedule or what. That's where Martha's expertise came in and we dissected the major areas of my life focusing most on health and nutrition. Through a series of lab tests, through metrics and analysis, Martha was able to hone in on the source of my restlessness and lack of proper sleep. She also gave me very useful tools to release stress, both emotional and mental, as well as a full education on the entire subject of sleep. There is way more to it than you would believe!


But, then it was time for the hard work. I went on a 90-day strict program removing certain foods that I absolutely loved and taking a course of supplements and minerals at a specific time and amount.


Less than two weeks into the program, I began to notice some changes.


A month in, I started to sleep much better.


Two months in, I realized I had dropped 15 lbs of extra weight. I started waking up with more energy, and found that I could get through a full day with focus and attention.


Three months in, and I had fully formed new habits, transformed my diet, and transformed my body.


It's been nearly six months since I initially started the program. And, I have regained the confidence, energy and positivity that I always remembered throughout my life. I feel good. I feel creative. I feel like I am a success. And, just in time! My 40th birthday is tomorrow! Thank you, Martha!"

- Jaipal Singh, owner and founder Chaatrik Architecture + Urban Design

“Martha's personalized coaching services are FANTASTIC. She isn't trying to sell you anything and she doesn't have any alterior motives other to get you better. I was looking for a more natural way to fall asleep rather than rely on prescription medication. Medications don't solve the problem, although they work temporary, they actually make the problem worse.

After discovering Martha and enlisting her services, she did a full analysis on my body and helped me to understand the imbalance and why I wasn't able to fall asleep/stay asleep. She gave me natural solutions on how to get  my body flow back in balance and after a year of following her advice, I can fall asleep and stay asleep on my own. I won't ever go back to prescription pills-thanks to Martha. Whatever advice she is giving you, take it. She has your best interesets in mind like she did mine. 


Because of this, I no longer have a negative relationship with sleep. I rarely think about the upcoming sleep which is the opposite of how it used to be. I used to dread going to sleep and would think about it all day long--  now I can appreciate it more. 


I'm finally getting the consistent enough results I've been looking for my whole life. You are a lifesaver! So appreciative of everything you've done for me."

- Rachel Cox, realtor

-Mike Tornesello, retired

"I am 66 years old and have always had trouble sleeping. I am about 60 days into the program with Martha which started with an evaluation and then lab testing. Now I am taking various supplements that Martha has recommended. I am sleeping better already!


Just as important, I have learned more about my body than I have ever known and that includes much more than just sleep related issues. If you want help with your sleep and want to learn as I have, Martha is dedicated, competent, honest, wholehearted and she has answers. Her knowledge of body chemistry and treatment including diet is extremely impressive.  You can feel better."

- Blythe W, bartender

"I started working with Martha a few months ago, and my sleep and life had been changed for the better.” 

- David Frank

"I contacted Martha during the fall of 2020 and at that point in time sleep was a very difficult process in my life.

Today I can proudly say 'The combination of changes in life events and the results from Martha’s help have truly turned my life around.'

Martha’s knowledge on testing and then applying it to the proper supplements is worth its weight in Gold!"

"Before working with you, I was having trouble falling asleep and would stay up way too late. I also had trouble with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I was alternating between Trazadone, Xanax, Advil Pm and tart cherry juice to sleep.


Now I'm able to fall asleep on a consistent basis with a bedtime routine that Martha came up with without drugs. I can usually fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. It's a huge accomplishment to not need sleeping pills anymore. YAY!!


The whole experience was great. It was interesting to learn about gut health and how it relates to my sleep.


I used to be hesitant about going to sleep because it was hard for me to fall asleep in general unless I took a sleeping pill! Now I feel much more confident about sleep. I'm not as groggy as when I wake up from a sleeping pill. I'm also going to bed at a reasonable time. I'm more healthy overall. I'm eating a better diet and drinking less alcohol."

- Burton Johnson, bar manager

- Jim Teske, mortgage banker

"Before working with you I was waking up for 2-3 hours during the night.  I also had an upset stomach and my energy level was good but not as good as it was in the past.


My sleep has improved overall.  I’m still waking up during the night but I go back to sleep faster. I do feel I get a deeper sleep and I feel more rested, a noticeable improvement in comparison prior to working with you. Also, my stomach feels better and my energy level is much better.  Anxiety over the simplest things have diminished greatly.  Now I can better identify and handle stressful situations.


I liked that you're very good at listening to any symptoms that I was experiencing and compassionate about those symptoms. You're knowledgeable on the tests and on the many products that are available to relieve/resolve a person's issues.


It's been good working with you!

"When I came to Martha I was extremely distressed with my lack of sleep and no real map for figuring out how to improve. She offered a ton of support, was extremely responsive and offered solid views on how to move forward and start to get results. I really felt her desire to truly help her clients and get me to my desired result. While I continue to work at my sleep, I know I am on a good path and will be able to get back to normal with continued work and persistence. Martha really cares, and you will feel this in everything she does for you. I am extremely happy to have found her."

- RC, tax advisor

- Smitty Smith, owner 1 to 1 Wellness

"Before working with Martha, I was taking sleep aids and not sleeping through the night.


Now I have a sleep plan, I don’t need sleep aids and I do not fear lack of sleep. I am more in control of my sleep. I’m also aware of what causes me to have poor sleep and understand that when I do not have good sleep I will be ok!


I feel people develop a lot of fear around not sleeping well, which perpetuates a negative feedback loop.  Martha diffused this for me and helped me identify what kind of sleeper I am and how much I need to have a healthy, productive day. 


I appreciated her flexibility of meeting, that she’s very knowledgeable and she was willing to adapt the curriculum as needed to fit my needs. 


Yes, I recommend this program to anyone willing to work on their sleep and wanting to improve it. It is very important to have good sleep and Martha has a great process to get that! Thank you Martha."

"Before working with you, I would be able to go to sleep fine but often would wake up and couldn't go back to sleep for hours.  This would happen anywhere from once a week to three times a week.


Now, my sleep has been much more consistent.  I wake up less often as long as I follow my nighttime routine and relaxing throughout the day.  This program was another prompt to start meditating and I can really tell it's making a difference in many areas- not just sleep, but also stress management.  


I liked learning new info.  There were several new things that I learned to help me sleep through the night.  Some things I already knew but hadn't put into practice.  It was good to have a coach that put it all together for me and keep me accountable.


Yes, I would absolutely recommend your program.  I think many of us can use a coach to help put strategies together and implement them.  Accountability is huge- it made all the difference for me.  


Thanks for the valuable information and program!  Sleep is huge."  

- Lauren Stelting, financial advisor

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