This offer is for those of you who are struggling with your sleep but

you're also aware that you still have a lot to learn about it. You're

confident that you can get it back with guidance, education and accountability.

The Sleep Essentials Package includes:

5 video modules on the following topics

  • Sleep Hygiene and Environment, so that we can design your bedroom and optimize your day in a way that sleep cannot resist visiting you night after night. This includes tips on how to create a bedtime routine, how to create your sleep sanctuary and discover simple techniques to knock you right back out when you wake up in the middle of the night and so much more.

  • Diet, Exercise and Stimulants, so that you don’t inadvertently ruin your sleep by eating the wrong foods or drinking sleep-sabotaging (yet unfortunately delicious) drinks or make it unnecessarily hard for sleep to come by any other means. 

  • Mindset, because we want to calm down that monkey mind that is keeping you from falling or staying asleep with various techniques for every personality.

  • Stress, because even though it seems obvious, there are so many more things you can do about that you’d ever thought. And this will give you concrete action steps to take.

  • Continued Sleep Success, so that you won’t fall off the wagon no matter what life throws at you. Whether that's daylight savings, travel or just the regular circus that shows up when you least expect it.


6 private sessions

Get personalized guidance and answers to your questions to make your plan successful

Practical materials

Video tutorials, training guides, cheat sheets and so much more




  • Bonus #1: Guide to Napping

  • Bonus #2: Light Therapy Guide to reset your circadian rhythm

  • Bonus #3: Supplements for Sleep Handbook

  • Bonus #4: Hormones and Sleep Cheat Sheet


Excited? I thought so.