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We all know the struggle of getting settled in for a good night's sleep and your brain just not shutting off. You are left tossing and turning all night trying to quiet to mind.

Grab the FREE guide to calm your mind so you can sleep better tonight.

Hi, I'm Martha Lewis!

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I'm here to help you

get over your insomnia for good!

I know how much it sucks to not be able to sleep. You feel miserable, frustrated and it affects all aspects of your life.

I was where you are not too long ago. I had tried everything and nothing helped.


I didn't get better until I took a certification that taught me to use functional lab tests to find out what's going on in the body that causes insomnia and how to address it. I found out that I had hormone imbalance, food sensitivities and a parasite that were causing my insomnia. I corrected those and now I sleep great. This is possible for you, too!

As a certified sleep expert, functional health coach, and creator of the Complete Sleep Solution, I help people who have tried all the things and still can't sleep. 

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