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Why insomnia means you're in the 4th stage of disease!

By the time you’re experiencing any kind of symptoms, you’re already in the 4th stage of disease!

Disease starts when your body is stressed, either internally from an infection, for example, or externally from toxins like pollution or pesticides. If your cells or organs or systems can’t get back in balance from those stressors, then your body starts to compensate. Your systems get more out of balance if the stressors continue.

In the next stage, your body is still trying to adjust but it can’t so the cell and organs start to break down. You start to develop a syndrome or disease. Then the structures of your cells start to change as your body gets more and more out of balance.

At this point, you start experiencing chronic symptoms as you lose normal functioning. Everyone has different symptoms because we have different weak links in our bodies and genes. One person may have a strong digestive system but a weaker endocrine system and so she will experience signs of hormone imbalance but not bloating or gas or diarrhea. Other people find insomnia is their main problem and many others deal with depression and anxiety.

All of these symptoms are telling you that your body is out of whack. And if you don’t find out why and start fixing it, things are only going to get worse.

The good news is that we can find out what’s causing your body to be out of whack. I do lab testing to find the hidden stressors that your body has been fighting for many years. I look at all the systems in your body and how those systems are working to get to the bottom of what’s causing your insomnia and other symptoms.

If you’re ready to find out what’s causing your insomnia and get your body back in balance, let’s chat. I’ll tell you exactly why you can’t sleep and give you a plan to fix it and we’ll talk about what it looks like to work together. I want you to get the sleep you need and have the health and energy you want to enjoy life every day! https://completesleepsolution.10to8.com

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