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Why all the sleep advice doesn’t work

Updated: Mar 23

If you Google "how to sleep better" you'll find the same tips:

- don't watch screens before bed

- don't drink caffeine past 2 p.m.

- follow a relaxing bedtime routine

- exercise everyday


The reason you can’t sleep isn’t because you’re watching TV before bed.

Millions of people watch TV before bed and sleep just fine.

I watch TV before bed and sleep well.

The reason you can’t sleep is because there’s something going on in your body that is keeping you awake. It could be your gut, your liver, your hormones and more.

I do recommend that most of my clients stop watching TV a half hour before bed. I suggest that they follow the sleep “rules” such as this one. I do this because it can help them get more sleep in the short term.

But it’s not THE answer.

If the answer is to stop watching TV before bed, then everyone with sleep problems would do that and sleep fine.

Same with caffeine, a bedtime routine, exercise, etc.

Too much caffeine can keep you awake but it’s not the only reason you can’t sleep.

A bedtime routine helps you wind down before bed and relax from the day.

Moving your body, not too much or too little, can also help with sleep.

But following these rules doesn’t cure insomnia for most people.

That’s because there’s something deeper in the body going on. We can find out what's out of balance in your body that is keeping you awake at night and correct it so you can sleep well, too.

Book a call with me to find out how.

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