• Martha Lewis

What you Need to Know about Blood Sugar and Sleep

Keeping your blood sugar steady is critical to sleeping well and being healthy.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance it’s because your blood sugar levels aren’t healthy. This can happen even if you eat healthy and avoid sugar and carbs.

In my latest article for the Jackson Hole News and Guide, you’ll learn:

  • how to tell if your blood sugar is too low or too high

  • What happens in your brain when your blood sugar is out of balance

  • Why Alzheimer’s is called type 3 diabetes and how to prevent it

  • How to stabilize your blood sugar during the day so you can sleep well at night

Read the article here.

If you have blood sugar issues and you aren’t sleeping, your body isn’t healthy. The only way to get better is to find everything that’s causing stress in your body and mind and correct them. You want to look at gut health, hormone balance, minerals, food sensitivities, mental stress and more. Diet, exercise, and random supplements aren’t enough to get back in balance so you can sleep normally. Functional lab testing will show what’s going on your body that’s causing your sleep issues so we know what to correct. Your sleep is always figureoutable!

Book a call with me to find out what’s keeping you from sleeping and how to fix it so you can sleep well.

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