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The truth about memory and Alzheimer’s and your sleep.

Are you losing your memory? This is a common complaint I hear from my clients no matter how old they are. They can’t sleep and they can’t remember things anymore. It sucks to hear but it’s true: sleep deprivation affects your memory and contributes to Alzheimer’s.

During deep sleep your brain stores information that you learned that day. Then while you're in REM sleep, your brain catalogues that information and connects it together in creative ways. Without enough deep sleep, your short term memory goes down the tubes and without enough REM sleep, you may be less creative.

Short-term memory loss is also a sign of hormone imbalance: high cortisol, low estrogen and low testosterone can all cause memory loss. It’s no coincidence that these same hormone imbalances also cause insomnia.

This is why it’s so important to find out what’s causing your sleeplessness. Not only are these hormones affecting your sleep and your memory, they’re also a sign that your body is not functioning properly.

Once your hormones get out of balance, other systems in your body start to break down. Your individual genetics and body determine what system is affected next. For some it’s the gut, for others it’s the liver, for others it’s blood sugar balance. Then as the next system breaks down, others follow. For those of us predisposed to insomnia, it’s our neural health tissues that start breaking down first. That’s why some of us get insomnia and other (luckier) people have different symptoms. But the cause is the same: different systems in the body breaking down from chronic stress, both mental and physical.

The only way to get your body back in balance so you can sleep is to find out exactly where the imbalances are. Then we know what to fix. There are many things that could be causing your insomnia: your gut, hormones, your liver, food sensitivities and more. Lab testing will show us what’s going that needs support so you can start sleeping better as soon as possible.

If you want to find the root cause of your insomnia and you know that a sleeping pill isn’t the solution, we’re speaking the same language. :) The first step is to book a call with me. We’ll talk about what’s going on with your sleep, what you want your sleep to be like and I’ll tell you exactly how we’ll make that happen. I can’t wait for you to sleep and feel better soon!

Schedule your call here.

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