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The most effective way to address insomnia and mental health at the same time- with new team member

Meet our newest team member, Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Tina Salicco-Jackson. Tina has worked throughout her life with people on the Autism Spectrum, neurodivergent students as a teacher, and finally with elderly populations working as a behavioral consultant. She has long been dedicated to helping people manage a multitude of mental health issues and navigate their worlds.

Through this work Tina witnessed clearly the importance of treating the root cause of serious mental health issues, instead of treating only the symptoms.

She became certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, an approach that emphasizes treating the root cause of a problem rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals and band-aid solutions. By incorporating FDN into her knowledge of mental health, Tina has learned about true holistic wellness and now works with clients as their full selves.

Everything in the body is interconnected and sleep cannot be fixed by just taking a pill.

While many people assume that anxiety causes insomnia, it’s more likely that both conditions might have a common root cause, such as physical imbalances in the body. A pill for one, the other, or both, just isn’t enough to truly solve the anything.

With a B.A. in psychology and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification, Tina is amazing at helping people with mental health as well as the physical health issues that cause insomnia.

You do not have to live with insomnia (or depression or anxiety) forever!

Insomnia (and anxiety and depression) is your body telling you that something is wrong.

It’s your wake up call ☎️ because a balanced body sleeps well.

If you aren’t sleeping well, your body or your mind is sending an alarm that it needs help. That things are out of balance.

What’s out of balance for you can be completely different from what’s out of balance for someone else with sleep issues.

That’s why testing is necessary.

That’s why there isn’t a magic pill that’s going to work for everyone.

Testing is how we know what’s keeping YOU awake so we know what to work on.

As sleep detectives, Tina and I look for everything that could be getting in the way of a good night’s sleep for you.

We use functional lab testing to find the physical culprits.

And we help with any mental worry that sabotages sleep.

We help your body get healthy again so you can sleep normally.

Schedule a consultation today to get to know each other and make sure you’re a good fit for

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