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Sleeping better than he has in years! (Jesse's story)

My client Jesse came to me after struggling to sleep for 6 years. It started during a stressful time in his life but he still was waking up and not feeling rested even though he was in a good place mentally. He tried trazadone and many natural remedies. He didn't want to be on drugs and the supplements never worked for long.

As an entrepreneur, his lack of sleep was affecting his work and life and he wanted to be mentally sharper.

Through the lab testing, I found many imbalances in his body that were contributing to his insomnia:

  • food sensitivities

  • hormone imbalance (high estrogen and low progesterone and testosterone)

  • high cortisol

  • liver congestion

  • mineral imbalance

  • heavy metals

  • H. pylori

  • lack of digestive enzymes

We worked together for 6 months correcting these imbalances and getting him to a healthy state. Now he's sleeping better than he has in years. He still wakes up in the night occasionally but way less often. And he's feeling much more rested most days. And his improved sleep has continued even with travel, the holidays and eating the foods he loves.

He recently wrote, "I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I'm grateful to be her client!"

This is possible for you, too! Book a consultation to talk about what's going on with your sleep and if you're a good fit for the Complete Sleep Solution program so you can start sleeping better soon.

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