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Should you take melatonin for sleep?

I recently started taking melatonin and I've been sleeping like a baby! Even better, I've been waking up feeling rested which doesn't always happen.

It may surprise you to hear that I've been taking melatonin if you’ve read any of my previous posts about the supplement. I usually don't suggest taking melatonin because it hasn't been shown to be all that effective, it hasn't been shown to be safe to take long term and there's evidence that taking it tells your body not to make it on its own. I've been pretty vocal about this, and I've even declined working with companies who wanted me to promote their supplements because they use melatonin.

But I just got my hormones checked again and it shows that my melatonin levels are extremely low. Melatonin does more than just help us sleep, it’s also an antioxidant and helps regulate our menstrual cycles. But my sleep has been inconsistent lately since I've been adding other supplements to my regimen, so I decided to get melatonin a try.

I can't believe what a difference it's made! Like I said, I'm sleeping great and waking up feeling so much more rested.

I still stand by my previous posts that you don't want to supplement with melatonin willy-nilly. I don't recommend taking it unless you know that you need it. That's why my lab results are so helpful : I can see how low my melatonin is and so it makes sense for me to take it.

Now the goal isn't for me to take melatonin forever. I'm still working on cleaning out my gut since I found out I had a parasite a year ago. Turns out that the parasite is gone but now I'm showing that I have h-pylori and a bad balance of gut bacteria.

Since 90% of melatonin is produced in the gut, I’m going to take melatonin for a short time while I work on healing my gut. And once my gut can make melatonin on its own, then I won't need to supplement with it anymore.

Is melatonin right for you? Everyone is different! If you want to know what to take to fix your sleep, we should definitely chat. You’ll find out how to stop stabbing at supplements in the dark hoping that they'll work. I'll show you how I can see exactly what’s going in your body and how we can fix it so you can get the sleep you need.

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