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Seasonal Allergies and Insomnia Have the Same Cause

Seasonal allergies and insomnia have the same cause: an unhealthy gut.

To explain, imagine your body is a bucket. It has to deal with toxins like polluted air, pesticides in our water and food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Each toxin fills the bucket a little more. If you’re exposed to more toxins than your body can handle, the bucket starts to overflow and you get sick. Or you get eczema. Or hay fever.

The problem isn’t the pollen outside of you. The problem is inside, in your gut.

Your gut is your first line of defense against toxins. If your gut wall is damaged, your immune system won’t work properly, you’ll develop food sensitivities, and your gut will allow things it shouldn’t through the wall into your bloodstream, causing lots of inflammation. The key to keeping allergies at bay is to take care of your gut.

If you get hay fever, going on an anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten dairy, grains, sugar, etc.) can help because you’re reducing the toxic load that your body has to deal with.

The same inflammation that causes allergies also causes insomnia. When you’re inflamed, your body releases cortisol at night when it shouldn’t and cortisol wakes you up and sabotages your sleep. Inflammation is usually caused by foods you're sensitive to, environmental toxins and pathogens in your gut.

Do you have allergies and insomnia? That means your gut isn’t healthy. If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your insomnia and hay fever, book a call with me. I’ll pinpoint what’s causing your insomnia and we’ll come up with a plan to fix it and talk about what it’s like to work together so you can sleep great and have an allergy-free spring!

Book your call here!

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