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How your gut affects everything else that causes insomnia

An unhealthy gut is a major contributor to insomnia.

However, gut health is never the only reason why my clients can’t sleep.

This is because an unhealthy gut causes other parts of the body to get out of balance. Then those imbalances contribute to insomnia, too.

Learn what other systems in your body get out of balance when your gut isn’t healthy and affect your sleep in my latest column for the Jackson Hole News and Guide.

To get better, you need to address all the imbalances that are keeping you awake. Once your body is back in balance, you’ll be able to sleep normally. It’s that simple!

If you’re ready to get your body back in balance so you can sleep, I’m here for you. Book a consultation on Zoom to talk about what’s going on with your sleep and how you uncover why you aren't sleeping well and fix it so you can sleep better soon.

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