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How your brain sabotages your sleep

Updated: Mar 23

There are two parts of your brain that battle each other.

One part (the prefrontal cortex) wants you to sleep better. The other part (your primal brain) doesn’t.

In my latest column for the Jackson Hole News & Guide, you’ll learn about these two parts of the brain, how your primal brain sabotages your sleep, and why it’s so hard to make changes that will help you sleep better.

Or you can listen to the podcast.

My client ML just went to Ireland and wrote, “I was so nervous about sleeping in various hotels in a different time zone. I did great and slept really well. Each night I slept between 7-8 hours. My anxiety about sleep is so much better.” We’ve only been working together for a month and she’s already seeing improvement, not just in her sleep but also in how she thinks about sleep.

This is possible for you, too! We help you rewire your brain so you can sleep better soon.

The first step is to let your prefrontal cortex book a call with me. (Your primal brain may try to talk you out of it but that’s ok.) We’ll talk about how you’re sleeping now, how you want to be sleeping in 6 months, and the steps you can take to get there.

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