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Better sleep at any age! (Peter's Story)

Updated: Mar 23

My client Peter is an amazing example of someone who loves science and will use the data to do whatever it takes to get healthy. He had been sleeping poorly for years and was taking sleeping pills at night and a stimulant in the morning to feel alert. Peter and I had a great conversation about what was key for him in getting better sleep and why it’s so important to him. You can watch it in this video:

His tests showed he had:

-bacterial overgrowth and low good bacteria in his gut

-mineral depletion

-high cortisol at night

-depleted sex hormones

-gluten sensitivity

I also suspected blood sugar issues and insulin resistance. He worked with his doctor to get a continuous glucose monitor that showed that he had high blood sugar. And so he changed his diet to keep his blood sugar levels more stable.

Within a few months, he was sleeping better. He started exercising again. Now, he's sleeping well and not having to eat in the middle of the night anymore to go back to sleep. He's lost 30 pounds without trying. Most importantly for him, his brain is functioning better and he feels clear headed. Now he can focus on his life mission which is helping people understand the science of what's really causing climate change.

Peter shows that you don't have to accept poor sleep at any age and that when you're determined to get better, you get better!

If you want to sleep better so you can enjoy your life and live your life purpose, the first step is to book a consultation. We'll talk about how you're sleeping and feeling now, how lack of sleep is impacting your life, and the steps you can take to find the root cause of your insomnia so you can sleep better soon.

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