Am I right?

Do you go to holiday parties and eat and drink too much? And then you can't sleep?

Do you gain weight because you eat too many sweets and you don't have time to exercise?

Does buying presents for everyone on your list and sending them out on time totally stress you out?

Or maybe it's those combative family gatherings that cause the most stress?

All of these tendencies over the holidays combined can cause many sleepless nights!

What if it doesn't have to be that way?

What if you could get the rest you need to fully enjoy the festivities?

Imagine flowing through this holiday season with ease and grace.


Imagine sleeping peacefully every night and waking up with the energy to get through your shopping list and work while also making time for yourself to decompress and get ready to live it up at tonight's party.

Imagine having a blast at each party without overindulging and ruining your sleep.

All of this is possible with my program Sleep Well Through the Holidays.


In this program, you'll get 3 private sessions as well as handouts and logs to ensure you get the rest your need to enjoy this holiday season.


In the first session, we'll go over your Holiday Sleep Plan where you'll discover what keeps you from sleeping and how to fix it.  The 2 follow-up sessions are designed to keep you on track and overcome any obstacles that get in your way. 

Start the New Year feeling refreshed, motivated and full of energy instead of burned out and exhausted!

Sound good?


Martha Lewis, MS, APSC

Jackson Hole, WY


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