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Martha Lewis


certified sleep expert, speaker and consultant for high achievers who want to sleep but can't

AKA, the Sleep Detective


founder and CEO of the Complete Sleep Solution



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Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to health-conscious, high achievers who want to sleep but can’t. With multiple sleep certifications, an MS in holistic nutrition and as an expert on gut health, she combines sleep foundations, stress resilience techniques and lab testing for underlying health issues to get to the root cause of her clients’ insomnia. She has been featured in numerous publications, such as Thrive Global and Swanwick Sleep, and various podcasts around the world and is also a passionate speaker on the topic of sleep. 

Long bio:

Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to health-conscious, high achievers who despite their best efforts cannot figure out how to sleep.


As a pediatric sleep consultant she has impacted hundreds of families and is now doing the same for adults. As a Sleep Like A Boss team member, she is combining physical insight through lab testing with stress resilience techniques handling sleep in a holistic and efficient way. 

She has been featured in numerous publications, such as Thrive Global, Swanwick Sleep and the Jackson Hole News and Guide as well as various podcasts in the US. She is also a passionate speaker on the topic of sleep. 

Martha has an M.S. in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and a B.A. in English Literature from the College of Charleston. She is also a certified GAPS practitioner and an expert on gut health. 

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"The most valuable thing I learned came from having a couple of specific examples of practices and tools. Everyone left with ideas about how they can make small changes to get better sleep. The slides were really well produced and you did a great job filling in all the relevant info. Thank you again for your awesome presentation!!!"

-Kirsten Farney, Director, Mindfulness for Mamas

"Martha's presentation on how to get a good nights sleep was clear and informative. Martha answered many questions for audience members and tailored the information as she went along. I am excited to work on the tips she provided to improve my sleeping habits!"

-Megan Smith, Jackson Hole business owner


After working with Martha I don’t need sleep aids, I do not fear lack of sleep and I am more in control of my sleep.


I recommend her program to anyone willing to work on their sleep and wanting to improve it. It is very important to have good sleep and Martha has a great process to get that! Thank you Martha."

- Smitty Smith, owner 1 to 1 Wellness

"Before working with you, I would be able to go to sleep fine but often would wake up and couldn't go back to sleep for hours. 

Now, my sleep has been much more consistent.    


It was good to have a coach that put it all together for me and keep me accountable.


Yes, I would absolutely recommend your program. Thanks for the valuable information and program!  Sleep is huge."  

- Lauren Stelting, financial advisor

"Before working with you, I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  I would wake up multiple times throughout the night to use the bathroom and have trouble falling back asleep.

Now I am falling asleep much easier and falling back asleep easier after waking up in the middle of  the night.

Thanks for helping me get on the right track for better sleep!"

- Burton Johnson, bar manager Rendezvous Bistro

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