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For over 2 years, I wasn't sleeping. It started in late pregnancy but continued after having a baby, even after my son was sleeping through the night. Even after I became a sleep consultant to help parents with their babies' sleep, I still struggled to sleep.


I would go to bed early because I was so exhausted. But it would usually take me forever to fall asleep. Then I would wake up at 3 or 4am and not be able to fall back asleep until 6am or so when it was time to wake up for the day.

And the pattern would repeat itself almost every night.

I was tired and grumpy all the time and downright miserable. I had the stress of having a baby, working full-time and starting a business in my "free" time. And I was well aware of the contradiction that I was a sleep consultant and not sleeping!

And then in January of 2018, I made a commitment to solve my sleep problems once and for all.

When I discovered what I'm going to share with you on this page, I went from sleeping poorly almost every night to sleeping great 99% of the time. 

If you're on this page, I bet you're experiencing some of the same sleep struggles:

  • You have a hard time falling asleep at night. You can't stop the thoughts racing through your head. You're exhausted but you just can't sleep.


  • ​​You wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. You have a big day at work tomorrow and all you want to do is get a good night's sleep so you can be at your best.


  • ​​You're sick of being tired every day. You thought your insomnia was just a phase but it's going on for months now. Or years.


  • ​​You're grumpy and short with everyone and easily frustrated.


  • ​​Your lack of sleep is affecting your work, your health, your mood and your relationships.


  • ​​You've tried sleeping pills and every supplement under the sun to help you sleep. But they don't make you feel good and they don't work.

If you want to go to bed and fall asleep quickly​, stay asleep all night​, wake up feeling rested and ready to start your day after a good night's sleep,​ and be focused and clear-headed every day so you can perform at your best, you've come to the right place!

I've been where you are and I know I can help. ​​


Since overcoming my own sleep challenges, I've become passionate about sleep! It's my life's mission to help people like you who are struggling with their sleep. ​


There's not a lot of solutions out there for people with insomnia besides some basic tips. The biggest problem I found is that nothing is personalized. It's all generic "do this" and if it doesn't work, you're left with no other options except sleeping pills. 

The exciting news is that we're meant to sleep well. And most sleep issues aren't medical (unless you have a sleep disorder.) So you don't need a medical solution (i.e. sleeping pills) for a non-medical problem. ​


You can take back control of your sleep so you can feel your best every day with my program The Complete Sleep Solution.​


I'll explain the Complete Sleep Solution in detail in just a minute. First, let's talk about what not getting enough sleep does to your mental, physical, and emotional health.

The Effects of Sleep deprivation 

Mental Effects

  • brain fog

  • poor concentration and focus

  • impaired memory

  • increased stress

Physical Effects

  • cravings for sugary foods

  • weight gain

  • digestive complaints

  • increased risk of diabetes, heart disease 

  • more likely to die prematurely!

Emotional Effects

  • irritability

  • mood swings

  • depression

  • difficulties coping at work

  • strained personal relationships 

Sleep researcher Matthew Walker sums it up well in his book Why We Sleep:

"the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life."

The Complete Sleep Solution is not:

  • a band-aid that masks your sleep problems. That's not a permanent solution.

  • a quick fix of taking a pill. Sleeping pills are not meant to be taken long-term and they have lots of horrible side effects.


  • a generic do-it-yourself list meant for everyone. That wouldn't work because it doesn't take your personal life and habits into consideration.

Instead, the Complete Sleep Solution​:

  • is a program that will help you take back control of your sleep so you can so you can solve your sleep problems once and for all.

  • will give you a customized, step-by-step plan tailored to your unique lifestyle and sleep challenges.

  • will teach you the root cause of why you aren't sleeping so you can fall asleep quickly, stay asleep all night and improve the overall quality of your sleep

How does it work? Let me show you...

Imagine for just a minute what your life would be like if you were getting the sleep you need. Within just a few weeks you could be falling asleep quickly at night, sleeping all night long, and waking up feeling rested, full of energy and ready for the day!

That's what the Complete Sleep Solution will do for you!

Ready for a customized, step-by-step plan to

solve your sleep problems once and for all?

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No more being frustrated

because you can't figure out

why you aren't sleeping

No more taking forever to fall

asleep at bedtime even though

you're exhausted from not sleeping

No more waking up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts that you can't control

No more being sick all the time and missing work because your immune system is down from not sleeping

No more being unable to concentrate and focus at work because you're so tired

No more feeling lethargic and unmotivated every day about

everything in your life

No more being irritable and grumpy with your co-workers and loved ones

No more getting passed by for promotions because you don't give 100% at work.

I'll give you a step-by-step plan using powerful techniques so you can gradually make changes over time. In just a few weeks, you'll be sleeping and feeling so much better.

Also, you'll have private sessions and email access to me as you go through the program to make sure you're successful in overcoming your sleep challenges. 

Here's what the Complete Solution is...

AND what it's not!

Introducing the

Complete Sleep Solution


Here are the steps I'll take you through...

Key in the Lock

Module 1:


Map out your current sleep reality and uncover the root cause of your sleep problems so we can develop your unique magical formula to fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night.

  • Explore the connection between our modern lifestyle and sleep so you can begin your journey to relaxing, peaceful sleep every night.

  • Learn the common lifestyle mistakes you may be making that destroy your chances of a good night’s sleep.

  • Understand the disconnect between sleeping pills and “real” sleep to free yourself from dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and fall asleep without them, as nature intended.

Fall Beauty

Module 2:



Obtain your unique plan for rapid results and get excited about starting your journey to restorative sleep.

  • Receive your customized, step-by-step Fall Asleep Plan so you will peacefully drift off to sleep in minutes at bedtime.

  • Create a sleep sanctuary so you fall in love with your bedroom again. (Your sleep environment has a surprisingly huge impact on the quality of your sleep!)

  • Learn one easy trick you can do when you wake up in the middle of the night to fall back asleep quickly.


Module 3:


Learn simple tweaks you can make in your day to sleep soundly every night.

  • Receive your 5-Step “Eating for Sleep” plan and cheat sheet to encourage restful sleep.

  • Get the tools you need to make sure you exercise during the day so you sleep like a baby at night.

  • Understand how stimulants like caffeine and alcohol affect your sleep so they don’t sabotage your sleep any more. 

Content Woman

Module 4:


Develop the simple skills you need to change your relationship with sleep so you feel rested and at your best every day.

  • Recognize the negative thoughts that are sabotaging your sleep and learn how to break the vicious cycle of negativity so that you can regain control of your sleep.

  • Learn how to establish positive thoughts about your sleep and instantly boost your chances of a restful night’s sleep.

  • Get the 3 mindset tools you need to fall into a deep sleep and sleep straight through the night.

Meditation by the sea

Module 5:


Learn how to relax and release stress during the day so you feel calmer and sleep restfully at night.

  • Understand how to let go of the day so you can wind down and fall asleep easily when it’s time for bed.

  • Gain insight into what stressors trigger your sleeplessness and eliminate them for good.

  • Discover one of the best relaxation “tricks” that will have you out like a light in minutes at bedtime.

Woman Sleeping

Module 6:


Cure your sleep problems permanently so you sleep great every night, enjoy better health, and have a happier and longer life.

  • Use the wisdom you’ve gained to sleep well every night so you wake up every day feeling refreshed, well-rested, and full of energy.

  • Learn how to keep sleeping deeply even through the challenges of daylight savings, travel, and stressful, life-changing events.

  • Start focusing on other areas of your life that you’ve been neglecting so you can live and love your life to the fullest.

 Each module will have 3 main components

#1 -  Training Presentation

Each module will start with a detailed training that you can access as audio or video. In each of these trainings, I go in depth on the ins and outs of that week’s topics so that you can put into practice what you're learning immediately. And you'll have access to the presentations forever so you can re-listen as many times as you want.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 20.34.59.jpg

#2 - Complete Sleep Solution Training Guides

You’ll get handouts and worksheets so you can go through all of the essential elements of the Complete Sleep Solution process step-by-step.

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#3 - 30-minute weekly private sessions

Each training is followed up with a private session with me so we can work together to create your personalized plan. Every week, we’ll go over any challenges or road blocks you’ve been facing, and I’ll give you suggestions on how to get past those. Then I’ll give you a couple of new goals to focus on in the week to come based on the information from that week’s module. And we’ll celebrate every win we have along the way!

talking on phones

Along with the 3 main components, you'll also have:

Sleep, Stress, and Movement Logs

We'll use simple logs to track your progress and pinpoint what's helping you sleep better.

Email Access

In addition to our private calls, you can email me Monday-Saturday from 9-5 if you have any questions that come up.

Weekly Assessments

After our private call each week, you will receive a follow-up email reviewing our call and assessing your progress so far to help you stay focused on your goals.

Plus, you'll receive 4 bonus trainings
Under the Duvet


Bonus #1: Guide to Napping

Bonus #2: Light Therapy Guide to reset your circadian rhythm

Bonus #3: Supplements for Sleep Handbook

Bonus #4: Hormones and Sleep Cheat Sheet

Are you ready to solve your sleep problems once and for all?

Find out more about the Complete Sleep Solution and if it's right for you during a Sleep Breakthrough call

We'll talk about the 3 things that are keeping you from sleeping and the #1 thing you can do to overcome your

sleep challenges once and for all!

Questionnaire and Food & Beverage Log 


Once you commit to solving your sleep problems with the Complete Sleep Solution, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out about your sleep and lifestyle habits. You will also get a simple food and beverage log to fill out for 3 days. This information will help formulate your unique Fall Asleep Plan which we will go over during our first private call.

 Schedule your first private session


After I receive your questionnaire and food and beverage log, you will have access to my calendar to schedule our first private session over the phone. (If you are on prescription sleeping medication, please schedule an appointment with your doctor for a wean-down protocol before our first call.)


We will go over your Fall Asleep Plan on this call so you can start sleeping better as soon as possible!

Access Module 1


When we schedule our consultation, you will receive an email with the trainings and handouts for the first module. You can begin anytime and start your path to restful sleep every night. 

You'll begin to understand why you aren't sleeping well and learn about the dangers of sleeping pills.

Have questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at

Does the Complete Sleep Solution actually work?

Your progress and success is up to you!

But here's what's possible:

Smitth Smith,

owner 1 to 1 Wellness

I recommend this program to anyone willing to work on their sleep and wanting to improve it. It is very important to have good sleep and Martha has a great process to get that! Thank you Martha.

Lauren Stelting,

financial advisor

There were several new things that I learned to help me sleep through the night. It was good to have a coach that put it all together for me and keep me accountable. 


Thanks for the valuable information and program!  Sleep is huge.  :)  

Burton Johnson

Yes, I would recommend your services to others.  You are very knowledgeable about all things sleep and are very easy to work with.


Thanks for helping me get on the right track for better sleep!

 What happens after you sign up for the

Complete Sleep Solution?

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