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If you've tried everything and nothing has helped you sleep,

imbalances in your body are keeping you awake at night.

As a certified sleep consultant and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner,

I've found that the five most common reasons you can't sleep are:

1. Hormone imbalance

2. Poor gut health

3. Liver dysfunction

4. Mineral imbalances and heavy metals

5. Blood sugar issues

The Sleep Assessment will show what's causing your insomnia so you know what to address!
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Hi, I'm Martha Lewis!

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As founder & CEO of the Complete Sleep SolutionI'm here to help you

get over your insomnia for good!

I know how much it sucks to not be able to sleep. You feel miserable and frustrated and it affects all aspects of your life.


As a certified functional health coach, I specialize in helping people who have tried all the things and still can't sleep.


I do functional lab testing to find the physiological hidden stressors such as gut health, hormones, mineral imbalances, heavy metals and more that keep my clients awake at night.


I also address the mental impact on sleep by helping my clients with stress resilience and sleep anxiety.

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